5th UMT International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (5th UICPAM-2019)

Invited Plenary Speaker and Guest of Honor/ Youngest Leading Research Award

Prof. Dr. Abdon Atangana                                                                                                                

Prof. Dr. Abdon AtanganaYoungest Professor of Applied Mathematics,

University of the Free State,

South Africa.

His contributions within the field of applied mathematics, more precisely in fractional calculus and its application to real world problems have been recognized internationally. He is indeed the youngest leading international researcher in this field. We have seeing his presence in many editorial board for instance, Chaos Solitons and Fractal with high impact factor 2.213, European Journal Physical Plus with impact factor 2.234, Chaos interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science with high impact factor 2.412, Thermal Science with high impact factor 1.45, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems S with impact factor 0.8. We have seeing his contribution as a lead guest editor in more than 20 special issues in leading journals of the field. We have seeing his contribution as plenary speaker in more than 20 international conferences of mathematics, applied mathematics and engineering. His google scholar indicates a total number of close to 200 research papers published in top tier journals only since 2013, single author of two academic books published in Academic Press Elsevier, which is recognized as leading publisher in the world. His google scholar shows 3909 citations since 2013 with h-index of 31. His research gate score indicates 95 % higher than all researcher gate members. All these achievements have been accumulated in less than 5 years and more impressively we are aware that you are only 33 years old professor.


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