6th UMT International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (6th UICPAM-2020)

February 21st to 23rd, 2020

6th UMT International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics – 2020 (6th UICPAM-2020) is the establishment of a privileged forum for researchers working in different branches of Mathematics to exchange their ideas on recent developments in the field.

The conference will focus on Pure and Applied Mathematics in several parallel sessions. Pure science will focus on recent advances in Analysis, Topology, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Nonlinear Analysis, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Fuzzy Mathematics and Dynamical Systems. On the other hand, Applied Mathematics intend to cover Numerical Functional Analysis and techniques, PDE’s, Optimization Techniques, Gravitational Theories and subjects of interest in interdisciplinary sciences like Physics, Computer Science and Actuarial Science.

The Invited Speakers and the Scientific Committee members of the 6th UICPAM-2020 being the focal drivers of this conference will share their experiences talking about the recent researches and opening new horizons for research and developments. This conference will provide a chance to a larger mathematical community to know and interact with national and international renowned figures.

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