Director Message

On August 12, 2015, the Worthy Rector of the University of Management and Technology (UMT) established the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (CMAP) and I took the responsibility as the director of this centre on 23rd July, 2018. With the dynamic leadership, it is hoped that the CMAP will be one of the leading centres for research in mathematics in Pakistan.

In this century, we all recognize the important role of Mathematics in solving and formulating numerous interdisciplinary problems. The aim of this centre is to develop an integrated view of mathematics and other disciplines. The basic activities of CMAP are to promote mathematics amongst students and develop good human resources in this field.

We are happy that our graduates are now working at different universities and private industries throughout Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and in North America.

Our current research areas of activities are in Variational and Quasi-variational inequalities with applications into single and set-valued fixed point theorems in Hilbert spaces, Fixed point Theorems and Operator Theory, Numerical Analysis, Algebra, Soft-set Theory, Crytography, Fuzzy mathematics, Boundary Value Problems, Fluid Dynamics, Graph Theory, Relativity.

Our mission is to develop numerous ways to fulfill the objectives of CMAP which includes organizing collaborative research groups, workshops, seminars, national and international conferences and postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in partnership with some foreign bodies.

The fundamental efforts to the scientific progress of Pakistan are many cases dependent on the continuous development of mathematical and applied sciences. I would, therefore, appreciate your continued supports by participating in all activities of CMAP as you had shown it from last Four years!

With my best wishes to all you.


Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Imran Asjad
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics

School of Science
Director, Centre for Mathematics and its Applications (CMAP)
University of Management and Technology, 
Lahore-54770, Pakistan
Email: [email protected]

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