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Second Announcement of IWNAAP Workshop 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Second IWNAAP Workshop 2016 Registration Details

Nonlinear Analysis plays a very important role in the advancement of science and technology today. It has provided the basic theoretical tools to solve real world problems. Its role is inevitable not only in interdisciplinary natural sciences but in social sciences as well. The applications of Nonlinear Analysis are innumerable! The workshop will provide an interactive platform among all Nonlinear Analysts from all over the world. The participants will be able to have an overview of the recent development in the several areas of Nonlinear Analysis. The goal of this conference is to bring together mathematicians, scientific researchers and students to discuss problems, ideas, novel techniques and methods for the further development in the field of Nonlinear Analysis. We hope that the program will encompass an enormous impact upon the career paths of the students and researchers.

Registration Fee (including Workshop Bag worth Rs.500):      

  •  Early Registration Fees: April 25– June 23, 2016
    •  Faculty:   Rs.2000
    •  Students: Rs.1500   
  •  Middle Registration Fees:  June 24 – August 23, 2016                                                   
    • Faculty:   Rs.2500                                                  
    • Students: Rs.2000                               
  • Late Registration Fees: August 24 –Sept. 16, 2016
    •  Faculty:   Rs.2500
    •   Students: Rs.2500
  • Registration on Workshop Days: Rs.3000/- for both faculty and students

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